U.S.Citizens Can Bring Justice
To the Entire Earth by Their Signature

A group of top legal experts
have identified what changes
are needed to create
"Real Justice"
so we can throw away
"The Old U.S. Legal System"

The entire Earth follows the U.S. lead
in culture, war, sports, and the Legal System

Bring Justice to the U.S. Legal System,
and Bring Justice to our Entire World

We need U.S. Citizens to Declare the TRUTH:
The Old US Legal system is NOW Defunct
To make the changes, according to U.S. Law,
we do not need legislators, nor the President, nor judges, nor attorneys to completely change the U.S. Legal system -
all we need is enough signatures from U.S. Citizens.

If U.S. Citizens agree to some basic required laws, policies and procedures, we can ensure our legal system reflects the spirit and law of the United States Constitution
Only U.S. Citizens have the power to bring back
justice, liberty, and freedom
to the world.

If enough U.S. Citizens sign the enclosed laws
our organizations will do the rest
to bring justice to the world.

All the problems the U.S. is experiencing, such as the degradation of our 4th and 2nd amendment rights, the stealing of our money by the Federal Reserve, illegal wars, racism by police, theft of U.S. Citizens businesses by the U.S. Government, illegal government spying, and all the other problems, all of these problems will be removed from our society when we have a legal system that brings Justice To All.

Please take this pledge, but mean it, just don't say it, say it with meaning.

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

The greatest developments in world history did not take place because of large armies or mega corporations. Change for the better is effected by individuals with courage and by heroes of faith. It is not the fire power of an army that wins the battle, but the purity, power and conviction of its cause.

It's time to begin,
Isn't It?