Inventor Vows to Restore 2nd and 4th Amendment Rights


No U.S. Citizen needs a government license to carry a firearm in any state.
The U.S. Constitution is a global license for all sane citizens to carry a firearm,
openly or concealed.

There is only ONE way to lower the number of guns on the street:


Police Officers NO LONGER needs guns!!!

With today's technology, police can use non-lethal weapons in all situations.

NEVER does a police officer need a gun.

When police stop carrying guns, citizens will stop carrying weapons all the time.

The most important reason to carry a weapon in the United States today:

The U.S. courts have no legal rights to name people "felons" who take or sell drugs the government does not approve of - it's a just a way for police and the government to illegally abuse and illegally control citizens who are poor and who cannot fight. All of these "gangsters" that traffic drugs and carry weapons - guess what? You are not violating any laws at all! The government has no right to regulate the commerce of drugs and has no right to take away citizens guns who are doing the same thing as the large drug companies: filling demand and making a buck. Real gangsters just don't fight police, real gangsters put police officers in their own jails for a while.

It's time to put police and judges and attorneys in prison.

Use the database to post the pictures and criminal acts of police, judges, and attorneys. They put pictures of innocent citizens online who have not been convicted, ruining lives. It's time we organize, and arrest some of them.

The most powerful database against corruption in the world:

We now use crowd funding to gather funds to arrest judges, police, and attorneys who break the law. If they break the law, we break them.






I am going to chase all those police, attorneys, DA's and judges into submission.

The Foreign Power posing as the U.S. Government will continue to be more afraid of the U.S. citizens they abuse.

Law Abiding Citizen 2